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Hello and thank you for taking the time to see how I can help solve your wellness concerns.

My name is Gary and I have been thriving as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach since leaving the military in 2005. In that time I have assisted many frustrated people exceed their personal goals.

I am very approachable and will go out of my way to deliver you a 5 star service so that you are happy and remain motivated to achieving your dreams.

We are in this together. I understand your daily frustrations, as I too have ‘off days’ and drink alcohol and eat chocolate. I certainly am NOT your typical broccoli steaming, water drinking robot. I promote a balanced lifestyle that allows me to enjoy cheat days. 

We are all human after all. I am no different!


My philosophy is simple, be healthy and live life to the MAX!

I like to meditate, read and work on my personal development and these are skills I am willing to share with you so that you are able to take control of your life and enjoy the successes I have.

I consider the 3 aspects to wellness to be: Fitness • Nutrition • Mindfulness.

If you are able to balance out these 3 aspects of your life, I guarantee you happiness! 

What’s the point of exercising like a nut, if you haven’t got the mindset to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

My mission is to deliver high quality, bespoke workouts (online/group/1-2-1) that will leave you with a smile on your face and wanting more! 

As a result of investing in one of my plans, you will discover how to: 

** Tone up without spending hours in the gym and without giving up wine, even if you hate exercise! 

** Burn fat from your problem areas, REGARDLESS of what you’ve tried before. 

** Adopt 3 secret ‘mindset tricks’ to stick to your NEW lifestyle, even when you’re craving sugar or eating out.

** Adhere to healthy lifestyle and maintain your weight without having to live like a monk.


I have been facilitating life-changing programmes for people just like you for over 10 years, and have become a respected and sought after Personal Coach in Poole. 

Please enjoy looking at the remainder of my site and I look forward to chatting to you very soon. 


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